DCS 800

Easier and Faster in Commissioning

The Start-up assistant serves in DCS800 DC Drives. It guides you actively through the commissioning procedure either by the control panel or ABB PC tools. It is multilingual, requests data with clear and plain text messages, and sets the required parameters to your needs. It also comes with an online info system with step-by-step reference to printed manuals.

Stat Up Assistance Feature

  1. Easy and fast commissioning procedure • Intelligent guide to assist you through the commissioning
  • Your own language
  • On-line info system always available
  • Auto detection of connected hardware

Online Info System

To make it easier and more informative, there is an online info system available at each step, helping to set the correct values for each parameter and troubleshoot the problems.

Optimal Adaptability

  • Small PLC inside.
  • Program your drive on-site during commissioning.
  • Create your own I/O signals, modify speed or torque reference, chain or set a timer.
  • Do it without any additional hardware or software.
  • As simple as setting a parameter.
  • Access to any signal or control bit.

There is also a DWL AP PC tool available for graphical display of Adaptive Programming.

Adaptive Programming features

16 programmable function blocks

  • Available functions:
  • Logical: AND, OR and XOR
  • Mathematical: add, mul, div, abs, max and min
  • Other: timer, switch, comparator, filter, SR, PI and user-defined warnings or faults
  • Freely definable execution order
  • Easy documentation

Functions of Basic Firm ware

  • Different speed ramp function
  • Speed control
  • Torque control
  • Armature current control
  • Field current control
  • Automatic field weakening
  • E-stop function according to Profibus standard
  • Dual field control
  • Mechanical brake control
  • DC breaker control
  • Interface for fieldbus and module bus
  • Programmable digital and analogue outputs
  • Master-Follower bus
  • 16 blocks Adaptive Program
  • Interface for IEC 61131 programming
  • 12-pulse function – parallel, serial, sequential
  • 3-phase fi eld exciter operation
  • Converter protection (temperature, voltage,)

Motor protections

  • Stall protections
  • Thermal motor model
  • 2 channel motor temperature measurement PTC or PT100
  • Klaxon supervision
  • Speed feedback error
  • Over speed
  • Armature current ripple
  • Armature over current
  • Minimum field current


  • Viewing and setting parameters in offline and online mode
  • Editing, saving and downloading parameters
  • Comparing parameters
  • Graphical and numerical signal monitoring
  • Drive control
  • Start-up assistants
  • DWL AP tool for DCS800
  • All DCS800 DC drives are equipped with Drive Window Ligh

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