The flying cutoff serves to cut the endless tube, emerging out of the mill, into commercial lengths. The flying cutoff is suitable for installation in any new or existing tube manufacturing line and works automatically & independent from the tube mill’s control system.

The machine consists of a carriage, traveling on a base frame and guided by a linear motion system. The base frame and the carriage are of a very sturdy design and is made of fabricated steel. The carriage is fitted with two sliding frames having vertical & horizontal sliding system on LM Guides, driven by ball screws and servo motors. The frames are fitted with blade drive assemblies facing each other. Each assembly consists of a blade gear box and drive motor. Both assemblies move horizontally & vertically, cut the tube thickness and then the complete tube. Special programming is done for cutting Round sections.

The two hydraulically actuated tube clamping devices, with inter-changeable clamping vices, are fitted on each side of the rotary housing on the carriage. The vices are clamping the tube at an angle in order to clamp the section diagonally.

The carriage travels on four blocks of the linear motion system and is powered by an AC Servo motor via a gearbox transmitting to a Timing belt & Pulley system working under pre-tension to facilitate an absolutely positive driving mechanism.

The movement of the carriage is controlled by a micro controller, which guarantees very close cutting tolerances. An incremental encoder records tube speed & length and submits it to the controller. The controller senses, monitors & controls carriage acceleration, speed, synchronization and cutting position.





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